Twitter Critics Mock Trump's Ex-Accounting Firm For Taking A Decade To Finally Get A Clue

Suddenly Trump "is unreliable? Please."

Twitter critics roundly mocked accounting firm Mazars USA on Monday for finally getting a clue that the Trump Organization’s financial statements were unreliable — after preparing them for a decade.

Mazars informed the Trump Organization in a letter that it was cutting ties, noting that the financial statements it had prepared with information provided by the company between mid-2011 and June 2020 “should no longer be relied upon.”

The letter also said Mazars reconsidered its work just last month after questions were raised in a court filing by New York Attorney General Letitia James. She’s investigating whether Trump assets were inflated in order to secure loans.

Twitter critics weren’t buying Mazars’ sudden epiphany about the Trump information, and accused the firm of trying to get out the line of investigative fire:

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