Mazda Hands Over Company Keys On 'The Customer Is Always Right?' (VIDEO)

As it works to keep its brand strong in a time of financial uncertainty, automotive giant Mazda turns to customers for advice on the docu-series, "The Customer is Always Right?" on OWN.

Mazda’s SVP, Robert Davis, takes a radical risk by selecting two customers from a focus group to take over the company for one week. Tommy and Darla, the customers, will work alongside the Mazda executive team to implement changes. If their work impresses a second focus group at the end of the week, they'll each win $10,000.

In this preview clip of the episode, Tommy and Darla find out they are being handed the reigns based on their personal experiences with the brand.

"We really feel like you two have an opportunity to teach us how we maintain the confidence that you have in Mazda," says Davis, pointing at Tommy in the video, "and how to regain the confidence that you’ve lost in Mazda," he says, pointing at Darla. "We need to have a different viewpoint."

Darla says she feels a bit intimidated with the task. "But I really think that I'm up for the challenge because I think that we're speaking for the people," she says.

In the clip, another Mazda employee reacts to the decision her boss made. "Robert just gave Darla and Tommy carte blanche for an entire week," she says. "What could possibly be going through his mind?"

"The Customer is Always Right?" airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.



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