68-Year-Old Contortionist Won't Bend To Convention

He can twist his legs to look like a roasted chicken.

Like many 68-year-olds, Mbah Bejan occasionally gets bent out of shape.

Unlike other oldsters, he's OK with that because he's a contortionist, and flexibility is part of the job.

Bejan is a celebrity in Indonesia for the amazing ways he can twist and turn his body, according to Barcroft TV.

Bejan can fold his body in two and squeeze in a pipe around 19.5 inches wide.

He can also make his body resemble a roasted chicken by lying on his back, swiveling his knees 180 degrees and placing his feet flat on his stomach.

Bejan discovered his amazing ability at the age of 11 when a thorn pierced his foot and he twisted his leg up to his face to get a better look in order to remove it, according to the Mirror.

Although the flexible feats Bejan performs can cause audiences to wince, he says he's never felt any pain in his legs.


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