MC Chris & Twitter: Rapper Boots Fan From Concert Over Critical Tweet, Apologizes

People have been fired, dumped and scorned over inappropriate Tweets, so perhaps an MC Chris fan shouldn't be too surprised that the geek rapper kicked him out of his concert on Tuesday night.

Mike Taylor posted a critical tweet of MC Chris' opening act, Richie Branson. He then stepped out to the lobby to buy a drink. That's when things started getting wild. Branson says he heard the crowd at Philadelphia's Union Transfer arena go "nuts" as Chris talked about the tweet and repeatedly used Taylor's real name.

"My friend and I looked at each other confused and heard him ask for it again," Taylor wrote on Reddit. "I got up, walked back onto the floor and raised my hand. He then pointed at me and yelled, "Security is going to take you the f--k out now! That's what you get for talking sh-t on Twitter!"

Taylor was escorted out of the arena, shocked and humiliated. He later took to Reddit to explain how he had lost respect for the rapper, whom he had been listening to since 2004: "Hhow immature is it to publicly humiliate someone for something tweeted to just my hundred (which are mostly bots) or so followers... mc chris definitely came off as a dick, throwing away my years of fandom and support over 140 meaningless characters?"

The outrage-inducing tweet seems pretty harmless in retrospect: "Dear nerd rapper opening for Powerglove/mc chris. You're not good enough to pander to me. Better luck next time."

In the wake of the incident, the venue promised Taylor a refund, Branson apologized to him and Reddit commenters chimed in with their own accounts of MC Chris's bad behavior.

The rapper initially mocked Taylor on Facebook, posting "last night I kicked someone out for being a dick to my opener richie branson on twitter. now this guy's got his pals calling me hitler on twitter or twitler as I now call it. they say I don't allow opinions. wrong. I just don't like it when u insult my friends and i don't really want you in the building. I have nothing against opinions. i have something against you insulting my friends. pretty simple. #haternerds"

Later, MC Chris deleted that post and linked to a video apology on Twitter, saying "for all the offended, im truly sorry. I'll try to be a better mc."

He also tweeted directly at Taylor:

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