MC Hammer Announces New Search Engine 'WireDoo'

After filming a spate of Cash-4-Gold commercials and a one-sided spat with Hov,MC Hammer (Yes, that MC Hammer), has decided to bring his high-energy approach to life and dance to the way we search the internet.

Hammer plans to take on Google with WireDoo, the new search engine, now in pre-beta, that he presented to a crowd of unsuspecting techies at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Promising a "deep search" (insert joke here), WireDoo vows to use relationships to draw better and more, shall we say, legit search results.

"Most search engines are built on links and keywords,according to Mashable. "Google and other search engines aren't as strong at connecting keywords to related topics — something [Hammer] called relationship search."

So, let's say your search term is something like "Pumps and a Bump;" you wouldn't just see clips of the video, but perhaps you'd get results for pumps on sale and some Deion Sanders news, as well.

Search for "Cash for Gold" and you wouldn't just see gold prices and pawning establishments but perhaps how you, too, can be the proud (if temporary) owner of a gold chain.

Will WireDoo out-do Google? Unlikely. But will it work as hard as Hammer did on this night, at finding related links when we're searching for other ways the 90s are coming back to get us? We can only hope.

As a show of our confidence in you, Hammer, let's end with this.