MC Lyte Among Honorees At Fourth Annual Women In Entertainment Empowerment Awards

Last night marked an evening of motivation and inspiration as the fourth annual WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) Awards took place in New York City.

The celebratory evening, which recognized women with a commitment to empowerment and achievement in business and entertainment, honored the likes of: MC Lyte; Carol’s Daughter founder, Lisa Price; radio personality, Angela Yee; financial literacy expert, Lynn Richardson; fitness motivator, Jeanette Jenkins; artist Vashtie Kola; and singer-songwriter Sevyn Streeter.

Founded in 2007 by Valeisha Butterfield Jones, Lauren Lake, and Kristi Henderson, the non-profit organization is comprised of men and women who are committed to supporting, promoting and defending the balanced, positive portrayal of women across entertainment and society.

"The Fourth Annual WEEN Awards was a celebration of the lifelong commitment of each of our honorees to the empowerment of women worldwide," Butterfield Jones shared via a statement to the Huffington Post. "Our seven honorees are living examples of the positive role models that exist in our community and The WEEN Academy represents the profound impact that solid mentorship and education can make."

Legendary hip-hop pioneer, MC Lyte underscored the co-founder’s sentiments by adding her enthusiasm and responsibility to advance WEEN’s mission statement.

"As the proud recipient of the 2014 WEEN Legend Award, I am reminded of how far we've come and that our work is not done,” she added in the statement. “Real change is an ongoing, never-ending commitment and I and my organization Hip-Hop Sisters are so proud to stand with WEEN to advance the mission to promote, support and defend the balanced portrayal of women in entertainment and society."

To date, WEEN has more than 45,000 active members and provides educational programs for young women worldwide, according to the organization’s website.

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