"MC Rove" Raps At DC Dinner

"MC Rove" Raps At DC Dinner

From USA Today:

Karl Rove, the powerful political strategist known as "Bush's Brain," admits he's a "practicing philatelist" before he breaks it down with the improv maestros from Who's Line is it Anyway? at a banquet in Washington.

Below you'll find a selection from the duet, during which a comedian sang while Rove danced in front of the nation's top politicos and broadcast journalists:

Rove: I'm M.C. Rove.

Rapper: He can't be beat because he's so white from his head to his feet but he will rap it when you give him a chance.

Look at him move, doing the rapping dance. That's true, he's a dancing resident. He is a sidekick to the president.

At this point, Rove points to President Bush, who is sitting a few feet away.

Rapper: ...tell me: what is your name?

Rove: M.C. Rove

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