Mcalc Takes Gender-Neutral Approach To Menstruation Calculator

A new app is hitting the market that enables individuals all across the gender spectrum to track their menstruation cycle without assumptions about their anatomy or way of identifying.

Called Mcalc, the app is currently available for Android phones and its creators have launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to bring it to IOS devices.

Taking a gender-neutral approach to tracking the user's menstruation, the app also reportedly keeps users updated on their current status and any upcoming events within the course of their cycle -- without being misgendered by their mobile devices. Mcalc's creators explain: "We understand that sex and gender identity are not the same and we designed our app so it can be used by almost everyone. Mcalc is 100 percent gender neutral and it won't assume anything from your gender while using it... We all have different needs, and Mcalc can suit them accordingly."

For more information on Mcalc, check out both the app's website and IndieGoGo campaign in order to make this gender-neutral approach to healthy living available for Iphones.



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