McAuliffe Spars With Matthews, Calls Him 'Obama Campaign Chair'

In the race to decide the Democratic party nominee, it's more or less all over but the sarcastic remarks, but what sarcastic remarks they are! And what a treat it is to see two gentlemen best known for verbal diarrhea pointlessly jabbing at one another on the teevee. We speak, of course of Chris "Mr. Tingle" Matthews and Premature Killer Of Fathers Terry McAuliffe, who met on Morning Joe to blather about Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the nomination. McAuliffe got things started by calling Matthews the "Obama campaign chair." Matthews responded by threatening to inject McAuliffe with truth serum. But it was Mika Brzezinski who got in the best line, for the win.



BRZEZINSKI: I think you can start with West Virginia, but even Barack Obama's conceding that one, Terry, so don't take too much credit for it.

MCAULIFFE: Well, first of all, it's a big win, I know that you've got with me today...you've got Barack Obama's campaign chairman, Chris Matthews on the set with you.

MATTHEWS: You know...that's a very effective device, Terry. Very useful in beginning the conversation this morning.

MCAULIFFE: They have all predicted that this race was over. How is it that Hillary Clinton can come back? By winning by 20 plus points tonight. We're up in Kentucky. These are two purple states--


MCAULIFFE: These are two big states that Bill Clinton won. You can't dismiss it, the momentum is with Hillary.

BRZEZINSKI: Chris, is that true.

MATTHEWS: You know, you did begin the evening last Tuesday, Terry, with the same sort of exuberance, saying the momentum was with Hillary. Because we were looking at the early returns from Indiana. Of course they turned out to be much closer than many had thought, including you. Do you really believe, under sodium pentathol, that the momentum in this campaign is with Hillary Clinton?

McAULIFFE: First of all, I'm always exuberant, Chris. That is my nature.

MATTHEWS: But I'm talking about the sodium pentathol. Have you taken an injection to add truth to that exuberance.

BRZEZINSKI: Maybe it's methamphetamine.

MCAULIFFE: I believe a win is a win, she won Indiana, we're going to win tonight.