MCC supports 'We Do! Methodists Living Marriage Equality'

Metropolitan Community Churches are proud to support the 800-plus Methodist clergy and laity in New York and Connecticut who are vowing to perform same-sex weddings despite church prohibitions. These United Methodists can no longer stay silent, or on the sidelines, while members of their churches who are legally entitled to marry cannot marry in their own churches.

As a former Methodist myself, I am moved by their courage to fulfill their vow to minister to all their members -- regardless of whom they choose to marry. What a powerful witness to the strength of the inclusive gospel!

If churches today are to have any credibility with young adults and with those who believe that justice is core to the gospel of Jesus, it will be these 800-plus Methodists, and others like them, who will make the difference. They will ensure that the United Methodist Church, whose founder reached out to the poor and outcasts hundreds of years ago, is not on the wrong side of history today.

MCC clergy have been performing same-sex unions since 1969 and have led in the struggle for marriage equality in Canada, the U.S., and in many other countries around the world.

We celebrate these Methodist clergy who are doing the right thing!