McCain Ad: Obama All Style, No Substance, On Economy

The McCain campaign released an ad Wednesday morning claiming that Barack Obama was more style than substance when it came to tackling the nation's current economic woes.

Titled "TV Special," the spot is, in a way, reminiscent of the "celebrity" label the GOP pinned on Obama during the summer months. And it continues the argument that the Illinois Democrat's plan "to spend and tax" would plunge "our economy deeper into recession."

The ad is pegged to the Obama campaign's purchase of time for a 30-minute infomercial this evening, a television buy that Republicans have decried as showboating. But in sending out this ad alert, the McCain campaign continued to push false charges that Obama would be delaying the start of the World Series baseball game. He won't. An executive at Fox, where the game is airing, said it will start on time. The pre-game will merely be replaced.