McCain Assures Town Hall That Death Stalks The Supreme Court Justices

Earlier today, John McCain gave one of his famous Straight Talk Express Town Hall Extravaganza Applesauce Chat Revival Shows in York, Pennsylvania, and during the Q&A section, said something jarring with regard to his "conservative stance" on issues. Seeking to reassure the questioner that he has only the best intentions for fans of hardcore conservative judicial activism, he told the questioner that there were going to be two-to-three vacancies on the Supreme Court soon. This was, in McCain's words, "According to people who decide these things."

But SCOTUS justices have lifetime appointments! So, who are "people" that "decide these things?" Absent any other explanation, one has to assume that McCain is in close contact with the Grim Reaper himself. It makes me wonder what McCain knows of the plans that Pestilence and Famine have for America between now and the year 2013. Naturally, you can pretty much assume that McCain is following War on Twitter.