McCain Breaks With Bush On Critical Matter Of Golfing During The Endless And Pointless Wars They Both Love So Much

John McCain has made it clear that he wants voters to think of him as a Straight Talky McMaverick who's never been shy to stand apart from the failed policies of President Bush. Unfortunately, McCain has always struggled to come up with examples where the difference between the two men can be discerned. So far we have 1) was slightly more into the terrible idea known as the "Surge," and 2) is a little bit more environmentalish in that he likes the environment and is sorry that he's got no real effective ideas to help the environment other than to keep telling the environment that he really, really loves it, like the way hippies used to tell people to talk to flowers so that they'd grow faster.

But, to that list of two differences between Bush and McCain, we are pleased to add a third! Remember how Bush suffered a bunch of injuries and had to stop playing golf so he lied and told people that he stopped playing golf "for the troops?" Well, McCain isn't having any of that! If you are lucky enough to not have to fight in any of McCain's endless wars, the least you can do is show McCain a little gratitude by golfing with some McCain-branded golf gear!

And how important is it to McCain that you lucky duffers golf your asses off? Take a look at his website, where "Golf Gear" is raised to the same level as "strategy," "general election", and "decision center." The terrible golf gear includes a bag and a towel and three balls and six tees and a divot tool and it all costs $50. Surely you can put off servicing that subprime mortgage another month to stimulate McCain's economy!

It's the perfect gift for father's day, especially if you have a keen, white-hot hatred for your father.