McCain 'C-Word' Moment Becomes Fodder For Satirists

The satirists at Public Service Administration have already scored numerous hits over the campaign season with their high-production value skewerings of both candidates and media. Their send up of Obama's will.i.am song "Yes We Can" managed to both mock the earnestness of the original while emphasizing just how little optimism is generated by John McCain's policies and positions. And for my money, their "Bass Motives" is a blast of cathartic humor for anyone who is already sick to death of campaign commercials.

Their recent effort, "He Said It First" has quickly become a YouTube hit. As of this writing, it was #1 today on YouTube comedy and #3 on Digg.com. Effectively criticizing how the media bailed on covering one of this year's stories from the trail because it involved the most vulgar and misogynist word in our vocabulary, the video may not be for the purest of heart. But if you like your satire packed with the worst kind of vulgarity, this one is for you. Because of our lingering concerns with good taste, however, we'll present the "clean" version, below.