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McCain Campaign Press Call 6.30 AUDIO: McCain Truth Squad Responds to Gen. Wesley Clark's Comments on McCain's Service

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WHO: Senator John Warner, Col. Bud McFarlane, Col. Bud Day, Lt. Commander Carl Smith, Lt. Col Orson Swindle, Adm. Leighton Smith, Brian Rogers
WHAT: Press conference call to launch the McCain Truth Squad to respond to Gen. Wesley Clark's comments about McCain's service and command capabilities.
WHEN: Monday, June 30 at 11:30 a.m. EDT

On this call, several former military officers and colleagues of McCain launched the McCain Truth Squad in response to General Wesley Clark's comments about McCain's service in Vietnam and his leadership experience. Clark had said that getting shot did not give McCain executive experience, "he is untested and untried." Senator John Warner (R-VA) and Former Reagan National Security Advisor Bud McFarlane and Col. Bud Day, called the remarks "unworthy." Lt. Col Orson Swindle said Clark is "spreading untruths and he should know better." Lt. Commander Carl Smith (Ret.) called it "complete silliness" to dismiss McCain's record because he was shot down; "the shootdown is not the relevant event - it's his entire military career."

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