McCain Dumps Chuck Berry For Abba! Now YOU Pick New Theme Songs For The Candidates!

John McCain -- already well into his 70s -- has turned his campaign into a 70s redux.

He has also followed Big Business' favorite principle of outsourcing.

He has dumped rock 'n' roll pioneer Chuck Berry's All-American classic "Johnny B. Goode" as his theme song and out-sourced the honor to Swedish seventies 'Dancing Queens' -- Abba. His new theme song is their jaunty 1978 disco hit "Take A Chance On Me"

Given the current state of play in the election race -- it's time for HuffPosters to have some fun!

What songs do you suggest that the Republican and Democratic candidates for President adopt as their NEW theme songs?

All suggestions welcome. Fun or serious. (Fun will be more... fun!)

Take it away...