McCain Falsely Linked Iraq To 9/11 Before Dick Cheney

Of the many false arguments deployed by the Bush Administration to justify war with Iraq, perhaps the most blatant was the completely untrue idea that Iraq was linked to 9/11.

Over the years, Dick Cheney has absorbed most of the criticism for making the false Iraq-9/11 link, thanks primarily to his December 9, 2001 appearance on Meet The Press in which he alleged that 9/11 hijacker Muhammad Atta had met with Iraqi intelligence officials in Prague.

There was no such meeting -- Cheney's claim was totally unsubstantiated fear mongering.

But the striking thing about all this is that when Cheney made his false claim, John McCain had already made the same baseless assertion in an interview on ABC News Nightline conducted on November 28, 2001.

That's right: John McCain falsely linked Iraq to 9/11 nearly two weeks before Dick Cheney. That means Cheney was repeating McCain's false claim -- not the other way around. Here's video:

John McCain claims he has the judgment to be President of the United States. If nothing else, this video shows that he does not.