McCain Flack Says Obama's Criticism Of Bush Policy Is Unpatriotic

Did you ever think you'd see the day that you'd miss the comparatively reasonable intonations of Carly Fiorina on your teevee, flacking for McCain? I mean, that whole part about John McCain lacking the acumen to run a company sure made sense to America, didn't it? Well, those were the days! Now, when the McCain camp has to reach beyond the Baroness Von Pfotenhauer and Cable News Ladies' Plaything Tucker Bounds, it really ends up scraping the bottom of the hackity-hack barrel. To wit, via ThinkProgress, we have Heather Wilson, who has apparently decided -- for all of you, mind you! -- that henceforth, criticism of the President or "American policy" in general is a de facto demonstration of a lack of patriotism.


WILSON: Well, he has talked down about America. You know, we've always had this history of saying, "Well, you know, politics ends at the water's edge." It didn't for Barack Obama. He's been critical not only of the President but of American policy and hence has kind of a negative view of America in the world. That's not unusual frankly among liberals in kind of post-Vietnam America, to say that America is the problem.

Sure, we'll point out that one of the guiding ideas of the McCain campaign is that he famously Maverick-Rolled President Bush's policies himself. But, in the event of a Democratic presidency, we'd rather broadly look forward to Wilson hewing to her own admonishments, and becoming a grade-A suck-up.

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