McCain Goes Vindictive On CNN, Cancels <i>Larry King Live</i> Appearance

Remember how yesterday night, CNN's Campbell Brown asked McCain flack Tucker "Anchorman" Bounds a simple question, then chortled and smiled at the sight of Bounds struggling to not answer her? Well, John McCain remembers! And as punishment for CNN daring to impose some level of journalistic rigor, McCain has abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance on Larry King Live tonight. Via TPM:

Wolf Blitzer just reported that the campaign has canceled a scheduled interview with Larry King due to an unfriendly segment last night on CNN -- the segment we flagged last night where the network's Campbell Brown grilled McCain spokesperson Tucker bounds over Sarah Palin's lack of foreign policy experience.


Blitzer said the McCain campaign complained that Campbell Brown's grilling of Tucker Bounds over Sarah Palin's lack of foreign policy experience was "over the line."

"Over the line?" Really? What would have been in bounds? Repeating the words "war hero" until overcome by the vapors?

Oh well, the joke will be on McCain once he finds out that the only unfouled restroom at the convention site is at the CNN Grill.

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