McCain Holds Conference Call To Address Al Qaeda Endorsement

McCain Holds Conference Call To Address Al Qaeda Endorsement

This morning, for reasons beyond understanding, the McCain campaign is going to have a conference call, in which they will presumably turn down the endorsement of al Qaeda. They'll also probably try to run a little bit of reverse-psychology jujitsu on the reporters, gathered for what will hopefully be the Greatest Campaign Conference Call of 2008. This stratagem was advanced, briefly, in the Washington Post article on this news, which included this statement: "Some terrorism experts said the support for McCain could be mere bluster by a group that may have more to fear from a McCain presidency." Who are, "some terrorism experts?" I'm guessing McCain adviser Randy Scheunemann, who will be doing the conference call.

Chances are, Scheunemann will lament the fact that al Qaeda doesn't spend enough time listening to Joe Biden, and everyone should probably take a drink at the almost certain invocation of Bill Ayers' name. Some reporter should probably ask Scheunemann why Barack Obama doesn't inspire the necessary hatred in our enemies to wake up every morning and go to their terror training camps to jam across those monkey bars with jihadist passion. Just words? Anyway, the bottom line is that John McCain probably wishes al Qaeda would have taken the time to sit down with Sarah Palin and listen to her qualifications before rendering their judgment.

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