McCain: I'm Like Jack Bauer

McCain: I'm Like Jack Bauer

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Republican presidential nominee John McCain compared himself to Jack Bauer, the protagonist of "24." Fox's action series makes no apologies for wearing its conservative, pro-torture politics on its sleeve, which forced the former POW to backpedal slightly.

MC: You liken Obama to Britney in your famous ad, while portraying yourself as the more serious candidate. Which celebrity would you like to be compared to? Bob Dylan? Jack Nicholson?

JM: Kiefer Sutherland. [laughs, imitates a voice from the show 24] "It's Jack Bauer." We have a lot in common because he escapes all the time.

MC: Um, he's also a torturer.
JM: Yeah, that's right. That's where Jack and I disagree. He believes in torture, but I don't. He says, "Tell me where the weapons are." The person says, "I won't." Bam! "OK, I'll tell."

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