McCain: I've Clamped Down On Criticism Of Palin From My Staff

In his appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live" tonight, John McCain acknowledged his camp's recent criticism of running mate Sarah Palin after days of stressing that reports of tension were overblown and mistaken.

He ended that part of the discussion by emphasizing that he had clamped down on the complaints and backbiting:

MCCAIN: Could I just mention one thing before we -- Sarah Palin?

We're one team, we're together. You're going to have, with all the advisors and counselors and all that, there's always a little friction within different camps and all that.

KING: But your camp has been criticizing her.

MCCAIN: Oh, yes. But you know.

KING: You let that go?

MCCAIN: It's just nonsense. It's nonsense. And we've put out -- you know, I've said to everybody, look, if anybody has a complaint, take it to me or Sarah. But, our relationship and our teamwork couldn't be -- I couldn't be happier.