McCain, Palin Question Obama's Honesty

John McCain questioned Barack Obama's truthfulness and whether he's prepared to be president during an interview he and running mate Sarah Palin conducted with Fox News' Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

Asked about whether he believes Obama is prepared to be President, McCain's answer was simple:

"I don't. But I'll let the American people make a judgment in just 28 days. But I think he lacks the experience and the knowledge, and most importantly, the judgment that he has displayed."

Later, when Hannity raised questions about Obama's association with William Ayers, McCain suggested that Obama was not being forthright in explaining the nature of their relationship.

The Republican presidential nominee defended his campaign's recent focus on Ayers by saying that voters "should care about Senator Obama's truthfulness."

"It's about Senator Obama being candid and straight forward with the American people about their relationship. He has dismissed it by saying he was just a guy in the neighborhood. You know it's much more than that. Let's reveal all the details of that relationship and then the American people can make a judgment."

Palin raised the same points, saying that Obama's association with Ayers "tells me again we need to question his judgment. And -- not only those terrorist activities that Bill Ayers was involved in, but the questions need to be asked, I believe, when did Barack Obama know of these activities? We've heard so many confliction stories, and flip-flop answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy's living room?"

"First it was yes, and then it was no. It comes down to again, judgment and truthfulness and a candidate's character."