McCain Spokesman Stumped Trying To Explain Why Palin Is Ready To Be Commander-In-Chief (VIDEO)

So, I know that one of the reasons John McCain hastily chose Sarah Palin as his running-and-soul mate was because he thought that Palin would exude some general appeal to female voters, which is why she's been out on the stump talking about Hillary Clinton and the eighteen million cracks.

But how's this for a little bit of the old backlash? Say you're Campbell Brown, working professional, educated newswoman. Brown, I'd bet, knows a thing or two about glass ceilings (remember this back and forth with Hillary Clinton at one of CNN's debates?). And along comes Sarah Palin, who's basically reached third on a series of throwing errors, talking about how she's going to break that glass ceiling. And Brown recalls that old Morrissey line: "You just haven't earned it yet, baby."

Hmmmm. You see, it's not just that Brown, faced with the prospect of chasing Tucker Bounds all around the barnyard like he's some kind of stuttering, idiotic chicken, sticks with insisting that Bounds answer a simple and direct question. It's that Brown infuses the proceedings with that little extra dose of extra-special sadistic glee that makes it twice as nice to watch and gives rise to all of my furtive speculations, above.

Watch for yourself, and tell me Brown isn't enjoying this: