McCain Robocall: Obama Will Fund Special Interest Programs With Your Tax Dollars

Two readers have forwarded a new robocall from the McCain campaign, whacking Barack Obama for wanting to "spread your wealth around" so as to afford "special interest projects dreamed up by liberals in Congress."

The calls, which were sent to the Huffington Post on Tuesday evening, work off the theme that the McCain camp has been pushing for the past week -- a traditional effort to cast Obama as a "tax and spend" Democrat whose policies would not just stifle the economy but take money away from people's retirements.

The Obama camp response to this has mainly been to point out that the Democratic nominee is pushing a tax cut for the middle class and that McCain's own health care policy is redistributive in nature. Political strategists, however, have been a bit more biting, wondering why McCain chose to go all in on this attack line so late in the election.

Here is the script:

Barack Obama's plan is to raise taxes on income and investments, leaving you less for your retirement. Just last week in Ohio, Obama said he wants to spread your wealth around. That's your money for nearly a trillion dollars in new, big government, special interest projects dreamed up by liberals in Congress. The Democrats' tax and spend philosophy is the last thing our economy needs right now.