McCain Speech Interrupted by Iraq Vet Heckler

McCain Speech Interrupted by Iraq Vet Heckler

John McCain's acceptance speech got off to a rocky start on Thursday night when, on three separate occasions, he was interrupted by protesters, twice by the liberal group Code Pink and again by a Ron Paul supporter with the group Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The shouts from the rafters - "McCain Votes Against Vets" and "Ask McCain about his voting record" - were drowned out by chants of "U.S.A," "U.S.A," but they seemed to throw McCain slightly off his game despite his ample experience being interrupted on the campaign trail. At any rate, he veered off his address to implore the crowd to ignore the "static" and explain that "Americans want us to stop shouting at each other."

Outside the hall, Dana Goldstein with the American Prospect caught up to one of the hecklers, a 26-year-old veteran named Adam Kokesh, who is upset with McCain's veterans record.

UPDATE: Goldstein has an interview with Kokesh -- read it here.

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