McCain Suspends Campaign Because of Economic Crisis

McCain's appeal is a cynical move based on a genuine economic crisis. Not the economic crisis in Washington -- the financial crisis is in McCain's campaign.
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Is John McCain's stated desire to suspend the campaign and postpone the first debate a cynical move made of desperation or a genuine response to the economic crisis? Yes.

McCain's appeal is a cynical move based on a genuine economic crisis. Not the economic crisis in Washington. The financial crisis is in McCain's campaign. McCain has only $85 million to play with. Even though the RNC is skirting the fringes of election law and subsidizing McCain's ad campaign, McCain is still at a disastrous financial disadvantage. Obama plans to spend $40 million in Florida alone.

Every day McCain can shave from the remaining forty odd days left in the campaign via "suspending" his campaign makes his financial disadvantage less significant. Con the media into giving him free airtime to cover his "surprising announcement?" Good. Bully Obama into pulling ads? Even better.

Here's an idea: instead of suspending the campaign, why not have the number twos on the ticket go to Washington where they can observe first hand and keep the candidates and the American people informed? I am sure Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, as potential Vice-Presidents and potential Presidents, are more than up to the task.

I'll admit, I made that last suggestion out of cynical motivations. See, even though it sounds really thoughtful and genuine, it's just an effort to score cheap points on the incompetence of the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Wonder where I learned that from.

The pure cynicism of McCain's ploy is that he is making the ultimate political move in the name of being above politics. Karl Rove must be proud of his pupil. McCain is embracing the power of the Dark Side.

The onetime maverick is now more machine than man.

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