McCain Talks Experience -- Er, Sarah? With a John Edwards Moment in Tow?

By Stephen C. Rose


OK, I need to explain why I am posting this. This story will either be a major game changer that leads to Palin's resignation, a consummation McCain probably devoutly wishes. Or it will be a massive distraction that becomes the campaign. I see no alternative to one of these outcomes.

Why am I posting this item from the National Enquirer.

Following Jonestown, I wrote an in depth journalistic account of events in Guyana called Jesus and Jim Jones.

I date from that time in 1978 the TABLOIDIZATION of American journalism. This is because the National Enquirer had more salient and reliable reporting on the reality of Jonestown than the MSM of the time.

In the case of this Palin item, I approach it exactly as I approached it then. I have been aware of this possible story almost since Palin's nomination. But until it broke for real, I made no mention of it. Now that the Enquirer is willing to stand by it, as they did with the John Edwards story, I am more than willing to let the chips fall where they may.

McCain did not vett Sarah Palin and now the chickens are coming home to roost big time. The shabby soap opera continues. But unfortunately this is an overload the nation does not need. McCain has destroyed Sarah Palin. I half believe she will be OUT before the Veep debate.

To those who think this is a new thing in American politics, I refer them to Grover Cleveland's story -- told in a tabloid of the time.

And I lay the major blame with McCain. With a substantial dollop to Palin if she did not reveal the affair. Lord knows, this is as common as milk. We are dealing with a convention whose political uses remain manifold but whose actual import is increasingly irrelevant.