McCain: The Old Man is an Old Liar--And Dangerous

Forty-four years later we're back to Barry Goldwater, threatening Russia, the only other major nuclear power in the world, as if a nuclear war (not nucular, Sarah) would be just another game in the White House Situation Room.

No, thank you. We don't want a war with Russia. We don't even want to think about a war with Russia unless and until the Russians actually attack us--which will never happen because the mutual understanding between Russians and Americans is that mutual destruction would be crazy. The outcome of any war with Russia is mutual destruction by thousands of nuclear warheads. Does Sarah Palin know what those words mean? Does she think we have a missile defense system in place that can stop Russian missiles? Does she ever read anything about international affairs? Or maybe it's the Holy Spirit that's guiding her.

Evidently John McCain isn't worried about crazy. All he seems to care about is his long move from the Hanoi Hilton to the White House, the hell with the American people, their kids, their grand-kids, the hell with our future existence, he wants the Oval Office for the few years he has left. Victory, he says, as he beats his old chest.

Let him want. Old men have their wants. I'm older than he is and I know all about it. But he needs to know what responsibility means.

John McCain is responsible for everything that comes out of his mouth, and everything that comes out the mouths and heads and TV commercials of his campaign staff, and certainly everything that comes out of the mouth of his chosen hockey-mom speaking-in-tongues moose-dressing vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

John McCain is responsible. I don't buy the excuse that he's not responsible for the people around him. He chose the people around him. He bleats hot air about executive experience, but then conveniently forgets about that when it comes to responsibility for the people around him. So the first item is that John McCain is responsible for everything that comes out of his head, everything that comes out of his campaign, including his attack ads and the crazy God-behind-us war talk of his dangerous hockey-mom vice-presidential candidate.

Is Sarah Palin really dangerous? You bet. Imagine her in the situation room at a table with generals, admirals, the head of the CIA, and a covert op team reporting on latest intel about high-tech doings and potential threats in the Urals.

"Urals?" Sarah says. "That's in Mongolia, isn't it?"

After a long silence, one of the generals says: "No, Ms. President. The Urals are just east of Moscow."

Sarah clamps her mouth closed to look tough, then opens her mouth again. "I thought the Urals were close to Alaska. Isn't Russia close to Alaska?"

"The Urals are just east of Moscow, Ms. President."

"Well, whatever. Go on, do whatever's necessary and bomb the crap out of them. We've got to show them, don't we? We're doing the work of God, aren't we? We have the Holy Spirit behind us, so what's the problem? Do it!"

Good night, Irene, I'll see you in my dreams. Peter Sellers is giggling in his grave.

Can it happen? Oh yes it can.

John McCain is too old to manage this country, too old to manage our affairs in the world, and the proof of that is his vagueness, his vague look, his vague knowledge of the world, vague knowledge of modern technology, vague knowledge of economics, and horrible crazy judgment in his selection of a vice-presidential candidate to replace him if he dies in office--a significant probability if you care to look at an actuarial table.

John McCain, a one-time Annapolis student at the bottom of his class, is now an old senator at the bottom of talent available for the presidency of the United States. His ambition is not in the public interest.

And neither is the ambition of Sarah Palin in the public interest. Both McCain and Palin are third-rate liars--and if they ever get elected you can be certain they will continue lying to the American people whenever it suits their purpose. When you have the Holy Spirit behind you, nothing is out of bounds. You lie because you believe lying is merely a means to an end--your own purpose.

But it's the danger that most concerns me.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are too dangerous for us. That's the issue now. We don't need a goof-ball, male or female, bringing us Armageddon from the Oval Office. We don't need Armageddon from any office. We really don't need it. Our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren don't need it.