McCain to Capture the Women's Vote Through Golf Bags?

The race is on. The general election is finally here and voters now have a clear choice: Senator Obama or Senator McCain.

For better or worse, getting elected isn't just about the issues. Citizens decide on a number of factors: Do they like the candidate? Do they trust them? Are they consistent? Can they connect? Do they share my priorities?

It appears Senator McCain thinks he can connect with voters by encouraging them to buy golf gear. Yes, golf gear. On his home page he has major tabs for strategy, decision center, general election and... golf gear.


Can you believe that at a time when the vast majority of Americans are struggling with high gas prices, potential or real home foreclosures, rising costs of food, sky rocketing health care -- John McCain prioritizes one of the most elite-of-elite sports on his Web site? He's encouraging supporters to buy golf gear with his name on it. Have you heard of anything more absurd?

Talk about elite, out of touch and the wrong priorities. Karl Rove and his Republican machine call Obama out of touch. They say "Obama went to Harvard," "Obama eats arugula," and "He's even had a latte." I can't imagine anything more elitist than pimping monogrammed golf gear on your Web site, can you?

This is especially odd during a time when both Obama and McCain are vying for the "women's" vote. McCain prioritized golf, the sport where women still aren't allowed to be members at one of the game's crown jewels courses: Augusta, Georgia. Golf, to many, is the sport contained in the local country club they always drive by and never drive in.

Women will be the swing voters in this election. They have decided the last four Presidents. I can't imagine, despite the gains of great female golfers like Annika Sorenstam, that golf appeal is going to work for most women. We're looking for a candidate that will get us get our sons and daughters out of Iraq, that will help lower health care costs, and that will protect a women's right to choose. Trust me, the vast majority women are much more concerned about the cold hard cash in their hand-bags than they are owning their own monogrammed McCain golf-bag.

Nobody can dispute Senator John McCain's service to our country. My father is a Vietnam War veteran and I can remember him teaching me to salute any man in uniform. Senator McCain, I salute you, but a way to the swing women voters' hearts is not golf gear or her golf swing.