McCain: We Need A "League Of Nations" To Counter Iran

John McCain channeled his inner Woodrow Wilson yesterday, calling for the formation of a League of Nations. Unlike the 20th century version, however, which sought after lofty goals of mutual disarmament and economic prosperity through global diplomacy, McCain's League of Nations will be used to sanction Iran. Again.

Presumably, he is referencing the idea of a "League of Democracies" that he introduced in March, a concept that produced this response from Fareed Zakaria:

The approach lacks any strategic framework. What would be the gain from so alienating two great powers [Russia and China]? How would the League of Democracies fight terrorism while excluding countries like Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Singapore? What would be the gain to the average American to lessen our influence with Saudi Arabia, the central banker of oil, in a world in which we are still crucially dependent on that energy source?