McCain's Daughter Goes Behind The Scenes At Campaign BBQ With The Press

Last Sunday, John McCain hosted a BBQ for supporters and members of the DC press corps at his home in Sedona, Ariz. McCain's daughter Meghan posted a YouTube clip on Sunday that takes a peek at the grilling and schmoozing at the McCain house. Among her observations: Newsweek reporter Holly Bailey on a tire swing, Politico scribe Jonathan Martin manning the grills, and the Politico boys bringing mom Cindy McCain flowers.

Meghan writes on her blog:

I know that so many of you really enjoyed our photo gallery from the BBQ event in Sedona for members of the media. We think you're going to love this video. Watch for Dad being dangerous on the grill with his tongs, Mom's humor, us rocking out in the car and of course, all the unexpected silliness. Enjoy!