McCain's Great Pains: Another Talking Points Squirm Fest

McCain's Great Pains: Another Talking Points Squirm Fest

Mention Viagra and birth control and the Republican candidate for president goes semi-blank and squeamish. Mention gay adoption and he goes all flip-floppy and worse. If you missed him this weekend with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week," you missed an iconic sampling of what adult human beings sound like when they (1) want to avoid saying something but (2) aren't good at not saying what they want to say and (3) have been mind-muddled by talking point sessions with exasperated consultants. If, for example, you're John McCain, and you're asked a question you don't want to answer and your mind has been muddled by talking points, you end up saying: "[I want] to be president of the United States because I want to help with family values. And I think that family values are important, when we have two-parent -- families that are of parents that are the traditional family."

This is what it looks like and it ain't pretty:

Thanks to PrezVid again for this.

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