McDonald's Employee Attacked Over Unwanted Cheese On Hamburger

This guy was REALLY lactose-intolerant.

A McDonald's patron in Springettsbury Township, Pa. was not lovin' it when an employee gave him a cheeseburger instead of a hamburger on the morning of Nov. 30, according to the Smoking Gun.

In a fit of cheese-induced rage, the customer knocked over a trashcan and threw a high chair across the restaurant before storming out.

The employee says she followed him in an attempt to get his car's registration number, but the man attacked her, grabbed her phone and chucked it across the parking lot before speeding away in his car.

Police announced Wednesday that charges will be filed, though the suspect's name has not been released.

Bizarre McDonald's-related rage is not uncommon. In 2012, a man was allegedly so unhappy with the customer service at a McDonald's in Miami that he took a baseball bat to the manager.

In 2010, one irate customer punched an employee at a Tennessee McD's in the face when his hot fudge sundae had fudge on the bottom, instead of the top.



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