McDonald's 'Big America' Burgers Return To Japan

McDonald's 'Big America' Burgers Debut Abroad

McDonald's has re-released its series of "Big America" burgers in Japan for the third time. The substantial caloric heft of these patties can't be good for America's culinary reputation abroad. In theory, the burgers are supposed to evoke the places they are named after, though they don't always manage to succeed.

Grand Canyon Burger: beef patty with steak filling, cooked egg, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, crispy onions, steak sauce and an extra middle bun
Las Vegas Burger: sauteed sliced beef and onions, lettuce and a cream cheese sauce
Broadway Burger: vegetables, pastrami bacon, mustard sauce and cream cheese sauce
Beverly Hills Burger: lettuce and onions, topped with avocado sauce and a Caesar salad sauce

Earlier this year, McDonald's Israel also launched a "Big America" series, which included a Big New York burger and a Big Texas Steak Burger.

Interestingly enough, these burgers probably won't appear on an American menu (a burger with Caesar salad sauce?). It sounds like a confusion of American food identities to us, but that pastrami bacon sounds tasty.

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