McDonald's Brings Free Wi-Fi to Restaurants Nationwide : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 16, 2009

McDonald's announced that many of its restaurants in the US will come equipped with free Wi-Fi. While Mickey D's has offered Wi-Fi in the past, it usually came with the price tag of $2.95/hour. A new partnership with AT&T finds MacDonalds competing in the free w-fi world with Starbucks.

Reuters is reporting that YouTube is mulling a decision whether or not to offer subscriptions to users hoping to watch cable on the video network. While rumors of YouTube starting a subscription service have been floating around for quite some time, a proposed monthly subscription, similar to a cable package, could intrigue both content providers and consumers. As always, YouTube is currently in talks with studios as to how to get the best content available on the network.

After years of saying shooting video on a 3G or 2G iPhone was not possible, Apple has now approved a video application for the early iPhone. While clarity isn't as good as it is on the iPhone 3GS, iVideoCamera is a great choice for iPhone users who don't want to upgrade simply for the video camera. At only $.99, it's quite the deal too.

Comcast's new TV Everywhere service is now available to subscribers. Xfinity Fancast brings a large amount of content currently available through a cable subscription to the Internet for free to Comcast cable and broadband subscribers. The catch? Only Comcast customers who subscribe to both the broadband and the cable service have access to Xfinity Fancast, and while HBO, Showtime and other premium channels are available on Xfinity Fancast, users will only be able to see content from the providers if they subscribe to the channel through their cable package.

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