McDonald's Brought Back The Szechuan Sauce Just For 'Rick And Morty'

Kudos to McDonald’s for surviving in a dimension where it’s always 1998.

In the Season 3 premiere of “Rick And Morty,” which aired back in April, Rick tells the alien holding him captive, Cornvelious Daniel, about the magical chicken McNugget Szechuan Sauce that McDonald’s released for a limited time in the late 1990s to promote the Disney film “Mulan.”

“I want that Mulan McNugget sauce, Morty,” says Rick at the end of the first episode. “That’s my series arc, Morty! If it takes nine seasons!”

Fans of the series even petitioned McDonald’s to bring back the sauce, even though it was not without controversy.

Well, it won’t take nine seasons, because McDonald’s came through in glorious fashion. They sent it to one of the show’s creators to celebrate the new episodes of “Rick And Morty” airing tonight.

Kudos to McDonald’s, not only for surviving in a dimension where it’s always 1998 just to bring back the Szechuan sauce, but also crafting a spectacular letter to creator ― and voice of both Rick and Morty ― Justin Roiland.

But fans shouldn’t worry about being left out. McDonald’s chef wrote that “a few lucky fans will also get to experience the glory,” and then tweeted this photo out early Sunday.

So it’s possible we’re in for a more widespread, albeit limited, release of that glorious Szechuan sauce.

New episodes of “Rick And Morty” air tonight on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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