McDonald's Chicken And Waffles Combo Won't Hit Stores Nationwide, But Should (PHOTOS)

The pairing of chicken and waffles is more popular than ever these days. Remember Lay's chicken and waffle-flavored potato chips? Or this chicken and waffle-flavored syrup? And Popeyes' chicken and waffle tenders? Now, a McDonald's in Fullerton, Calif. is experimenting with the classic soul food dish.

Twitter user wakko824 spotted an ad for the offering and posted it online:

The fried chicken looks suspiciously like McDonald's new Mighty Wings. And the "waffles" appear to be the chain's classic McGriddle pancakes, which like the waffles in the image, are embossed with a giant "M."

According to a McDonald's representative, chicken and waffles won't be hitting stores nationally anytime soon. "[T]his was simply one franchisee who experimented with a limited time offering of his version of chicken and waffles," he told The Huffington Post.

Too bad, we would have totally ordered this!



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