McDonald's Is Testing Out Delivery Service In New York City

Are you ready for "McDelivery?"

Fast food just got even faster.

McDonald's began testing out a delivery service in New York City on Monday, the company announced. "McDelivery" could soon be headed your way as the fast food giant has teamed up with the delivery app Postmates to deliver food from 88 NYC locations, some of which are open 24 hours a day.

Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are the three lucky New York City boroughs to launch the service, which promises to deliver food within an hour. Customers will be able to order anything from the McDonald's menu except, understandably, ice cream cones.

The chain says that delivery fee will be "based on the geographic distance traveled by the courier as well as a standard service charge," which means your Micky D's will be more expensive than usual.

Though McDonald's delivery is new to the United States, the chain's global chief digital officer, Atif Rafiq, wrote in a blog post for Medium that the company already runs successful delivery services in countries like China and Singapore. Hopefully, that means NYC delivery will be seamless -- and eventually become cheaper as it expands.

Earlier this year, Chipotle and Starbucks announced a delivery service partnership with Postmates. Burger King has been testing out its own delivery service in markets including New York City and Miami, while Taco Bell is trying its hardest to make delivery dreams come true.

We're lovin' it.

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