McDonald's Fish McBites Taste Test: Fast Food Skeptics Are Converted

If you've walked by a McDonald's recently, perhaps you've noticed a large banner promoting Fish McBites -- one of the newest additions to the menu. Or maybe you follow McDonald's on Twitter, and keep seeing tweets about the item. OK McDonald's, you got us. WE'LL TRY YOUR FISH.

And you know what -- we're glad we did. These delightful little poppers are one of the best items we've ever had from McDonald's, and that comes from several HuffPost tasters who make it a point to avoid the chain. The fish is nice and flaky. It avoids heading into gross mushy fish territory. And the batter is great -- good crunch, slightly peppery and not overly bread-y.

One of the reasons that Fish McBites have been a topic of discussion is due to the news that the fish used -- Alaskan pollock -- is sourced from sustainable fisheries. While that announcement has been met with some controversy, it's still a generally positive move on McDonald's part.

For those who avoid meat but eat seafood, McDonald's now has a pretty great new snack on its hands. While this certainly isn't health food -- the fish has a coating of batter after all -- it does offer an alternative to chicken, and one that we think actually tastes better than McNuggets. The Fish McBites have more contrast between the crispy shell and the soft interior. Even if you are a McDonald's hater, there's always that day when you find yourself on a road trip, starving, and there is simply nowhere else to eat. Steer toward Fish McBites, and you may not be disappointed.

Here's what the McBites look like:

fish mcbites

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