McDonald's Halloween 2011: Trick-Or-Treaters To Get Apples From Golden Arches

Trick-Or-Treaters At McDonald's Will Get Healthy Surprise

Most days of the year, if you're looking for the most unhealthy food at the lowest price, McDonald's is a good place to start. Not this Halloween, though. On a day when many private homes are giving away candy for free, the Golden Arches will actually offer some of the most nutritionally-sound food in many neighborhoods. That's because selected McDonald's locations will give trick-or-treaters under the age of 12 free apple slices this Halloween.

The apple slices are being given out, in part, to promote the choice of apple slices instead of french fries as accompaniments to Happy Meals.

The free fruit goes against the grain of the trick-or-treating traditions at most fast food restaurants, including McDonald's. In years past, many chains have marketed $1 books of coupons for free treats around Halloween. And McDonald's has often given out Halloween-themed trick-or-treat pails for free along with its Happy Meals.

That said, none of these Halloween promotions are all that scary. If you expect fear from McDonald's this Halloween, you'll just have to stick to ordering limited-edition McRib sandwiches.

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