McDonald's To Debut The McBaguette In France

The McBaguette Is Coming

On April 18, McDonald's France is debuting its newest sandwich: the McBaguette. The sandwich will feature a burger with French-made Emmental cheese and mustard on a baguette rather than a bun. The McBaguette will be available for six weeks throughout France's 1,228 McDonald's outposts.

Nawfal Trabelsi, Senior Vice President of Marketing for McDonald's France and Southern Europe said the the McBaguette is designed to appeal to the palates of local diners.

We're surprised that the McBaguette didn't already exist, given McDonald's penchant for incorporating regional food items into menu items. The McItaly burger contains Italian products like pancetta and Asiago cheese and Israel's McFalafel (RIP) played off the popular Mediterranean chickpea dish.

Though baguettes may be popular in France, they don't usually have a burger inside. It remains to be seen if McDonald's can close the gap between French culinary heritage and fast food.

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