9 Times International McDonald's Schooled Us With Their Superior Menu Items


We here at HuffPost aren’t generally big fast food consumers. We’re advocates for homemade food (when possible) made with fresh ingredients that we’ll actually feel good about eating.

But sometimes a new fast food menu item pops up and ― well, it beckons us. Usually those menu offerings happen overseas, and they’re often made by ― gasp ― McDonald’s.

In case you haven’t noticed, McDonald’s around the globe creates some very interesting menu items. Asia seems to get the best of those creative items, with Japan leading the way, but we’d take a trip to Canada for a late-night McDonald’s poutine any night.

Check out the nine times McDonald’s taunted us with its foreign menu items:

McFizz Sakuranbo -- Japan
McDonalds Japan
In honor of cherry blossom season, McDonald's Japan gets these cherry soda floats. They can be ordered with or without whipped cream -- but really, why would you ever go without? These drinks were only available for a limited time this spring, so don't go booking your tickets for a trip to taste one.
Poutine -- Canada
Naturally, if any McDonald's were going to serve poutine -- fries topped with cheese curd and gravy -- it'd be Canada, where this great dish was invented. And so it is, Canada gets poutine on its regular menu.
Chocolate Dipped Banana Ice Cream Cones -- Singapore
McDonald's Singapore
In honor of "Despicable Me," McDonald's Singapore has put out one of the most instagram-worthy McD's creations to date. A bright blue cake cone, with yellow soft serve encased in a hard chocolate shell is available for a limited time. WANT.
Mac And Cheese Stuffed Grilled Cheese -- Hong Kong
McDonalds Hong Kong
We just want to know whyHong Kong gets this creation and America -- land of the best mac and cheese -- doesn't? It's unclear how long this will be on the menu, but if you're not planning a trip to Hong Kong, consider making your own mac and cheese grilled cheese at home.
Potato Rosti Burger -- Canada
The Potato Rosti Burger is one more reason we want to move over to our neighbors to the north, Canada. This seasonal holiday creation starts as a cheeseburger, and is topped with a potato rosti (think hashbrowns), bacon and cheese sauce.
Nutella Burger-- Italy
McDonalds Italy/Facebook
Italy -- the land of chocolate and hazelnut -- was gifted the Nutella Burger. Don't worry, this is a dessert. It's a sweet bun with a layer of Nutella baked into the middle of it (which looks like a bun). No actual burger is involved. This is still on the menu in Italy, so look for it if you're headed there this summer.
Shaker Fries -- Australia
Take a bag of McDonald's beloved fries, add cheeseburger seasoning and fall in love all over again. Or at least, that's what they do in Australia, where this option is available -- for the time being.
Sundae Pocket -- Italy
This McDonald's version of the Choco Taco has us seriously wondering why we don't live in Italy. This Italian menu item is made with vanilla soft serve, fudge, and hazelnuts into a waffle. Glorious. Sadly, this item is no longer available on their dessert menu.
McDonald's Curly Fries -- Japan
Ahhhh, the curly fry. The best fry in the world. It's curious that McDonald -- the king of the fast-food fry -- hasn't added this beloved item to its menu globally. Instead, only Japan gets them, but who knows for how long. No fair.