McDonald's Murder In China Caught On Tape, 5 Quannengshen Cultists Arrested (VIDEO)

Five cult members were arrested in eastern China after they allegedly beat a woman to death in a McDonald's last week.

The video of the slaying shows a man believed to be Zhang Lidong, 54, beating 35-year-old Wu Shuoyan with what appears a metal mop handle.

Wu, the mother of a 7-year-old boy, had been waiting for her husband at the fast food restaurant in Shandong province when the cultists approached. They were recruiting new members and wanted her phone number.

She refused.

In response, the cult members attacked, beating her with chairs, a mop and then the handle of the mop when it broke, the South China Morning Post reports.

"She is an evil and so we sought to beat her to death," Zhang told state-run China Central Television.

Six people are accused of taking part in the murder, including four members of a family. Only five were arrested since one is not old enough to be held criminally responsible under Chinese law.

On Tuesday, Wu's family gathered for a memorial service.

“I don’t want to tell him the truth, but he seems to know everything,” Wu's husband Jin Zhongqing said of their son, according to the People's Daily. “He kept comforting me, asking me to stop crying. He said Mom was looking at us in the heaven. My heart was broken.”

The cult is called Quannengshen, interpreted variously as the "Almighty Spirit," “All Powerful Spirits" or "Church of Almighty God." Bloomberg reports that the group was banned in 1995 after its founder, physics teacher Zhao Weishan, fled the country for the United States.

The news agency says the cultists believe Jesus was reincarnated as a Chinese woman and that members must fight the "big red dragon" of the Communist Party. reports that Chinese officials have launched a crackdown on cults since the murder.



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