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McDonald's Olympics French Fry Monopoly: Sponsorship Deal Bans Other Vendors From Selling Fries

Heading to the London Olympics this summer? Perhaps you'll get a craving for french fries amidst watching the various games. It'll be no problem getting the fries (chips rather, once you're in London), but you might not have much choice in vendors. McDonald's has the exclusive rights to sell french fries. The one exception to this is if the fries are sold as part of a fish and chips deal. In other words, if you want fries on your own, the only place you can go within the Olympic grounds is McDonald's.

Moreover, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) had to get permission from McDonald's to sell fish and chips.

While this may seem a bit extreme to some, this is far from the first time a company has had exclusive rights to a given food product at a sports event. This year, the popular New York restaurant Parm was banned from selling turkey sandwiches at Yankee Stadium. Why? Boar's Head supposedly has exclusive turkey-selling rights.

It's sort of too bad if you don't care much for McDonald's fries, but at least you can say that you've bought something at the world's largest McDonald's.

See the full note outlining the french fry restriction here.

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