People Are Flipping Out To Eat McDonald's Pizza At These 3 Locations

They're lovin' it.

While McDonald’s is trying to time-travel to the dystopian future with its new uniforms, some McDonald’s locations are living in the past and serving up McPizza.

Franchisee Gary Mills still offers the famed pizza at his McDonald’s locations in Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia, reported a few years ago. McDonald’s confirmed the locations via email, adding that there is also a Florida location in Orlando along International Drive that also serves the pizza.

“I can tell you that this is a regional offering from a franchisee,” Becca Harry, director of corporate communications for McDonald’s told HuffPost. “Our franchisees have the ability to offer locally relevant menu items to their customers like Gilroy Garlic Fries, Lobster Rolls and Sriracha Sauce.”

When in 'Murica ... #epicmcdorl #mcdonaldspizza #pictureoritdidnthappen

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The fast food chain first began serving pizza in the ‘80s when it tried to get a slice of Pizza Hut’s growing business, according to Mental Floss. Even though people liked the pizza, an old McDonald’s Canada post from 2012 helps explain why the company stopped selling it.

“Although it was a popular menu item in Canada, the preparation time was about 11 minutes – which was way too long for us,” the post says. “Every McDonald’s has a busy kitchen and the pizza slowed down our game. And since speed of service is a top priority and expected by our customers, we thought it best to remove this menu item.”

But people are still lovin’ the McPizza and many even plan road trips around getting this beloved childhood treat. Some dedicated McDonald’s fans drive for hours and hundreds of miles to pick up the pizza:

At the Ohio location, it appears people write down how far they’ve driven to claim their delicious treat:

Drove 125 miles for a McPizza. With a waterfront view 😎🌞🌞 Worth it! #mcpizza #pomeroyohio #roadtrip

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Check out some more yummy pizza posts below:

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

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Added some rare items to the @uspizzamuseum collection today #mcdonaldspizza #uspizzamuseum

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