McDonald's Suspends Security Guard For Telling Gay Couple To Stop Kissing

A security guard at a British McDonald's franchise has been suspended after he told two gay men to stop kissing because they were "making people feel uncomfortable."

Matthew Dummigan, 23, told reporters that he gave a male friend a peck on the lips in the Leicester McDonald's when the security guard asked him to stop, according to The Leicester Mercury. When Dummigan asked if it would be more "acceptable" for a straight couple to be kissing in the establishment, the guard reportedly stated "yes."

"It was horrific," Dummigan said in a statement cited by the Daily Mail. "He said it was making people feel uneasy. It was really upsetting for me. I tried to confront him about it -- I told him his attitude wasn't right. I was really angry and upset. Gay people can get married and divorced, yet they get told off for showing a bit of affection -- his attitude was so outdated."

A friend of Dummigan's was reportedly "chucked out" after sticking up for the McDonald's customer. The security guard has since been placed on suspension, the Daily Mail report noted.

While attitudes surrounding same-sex attraction are certainly changing, homophobia is still prevalent in many part of the United Kingdom. Earlier this month two straight BBC DJs performed a social experiment in Luton, England where they walked around publicly holding hands and gauged the response. The pair received a number of odd looks and a man even pulling his child away the from pair. Head here to see the video.



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