McDonald's 'Serious Lamb Burger' Invokes 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' (PHOTO)

McDonald's Lamb Burger Ad Invokes 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'

Get a load of McDonald's new billboard in Australia promoting its recently-introduced lamb burger. Reddit user mrmaveric recently posted an image of large ad, which errs on the cheeky side.

mcdonalds lamb burger

The ad features a cherished childhood rhyme, albeit with a twist:

Mary had a little lamb -- fries and a Coke

McDonald's introduced its "Serious Lamb Burger" down under earlier this month. The item features a lamb patty, red onion slices, a slice of beetroot, egg, tomato, lettuce and aioli.

Serious Eats shares that the burger clocks in at 805 calories and costs about $8.35. A smaller wrap version, the Serious Lamb Taster, is also available for $3.15.

Watch one of McDonald's newest tv spots for the burger below.

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