McDonald's Modern Silver Burger Is Actually Sad And Gray

But which color will it turn your poop?

McDonald's China is taking one giant leap for mankind with its new "Modern China Burger."

The space-age sandwich boasts two pork patties, bacon, lettuce and thousand island dressing, all sandwiched between two sleek "silver" burger buns:

McDonalds China

The Modern Burger is the latest creation in the growing trend of fast-food chains selling limited-edition burgers with bizarre-colored buns. You've seen Burger King's Halloween black-bunned burger, and its surprising emerald-hued after effects.

But the silver burger looks delicious! Surely this one will be a hit.

Only problem is, it actually looks like this:

A photo posted by Thomas Bailey (@trbailey_2) on

Two limp patties and a wet piece of bacon with nothing but a sad, gray, stone-colored bun to its name. Where is the flashy silver coat of arms we were promised?

Looks like this burger is just another disappointing case of real fast food vs. the ad photos. But if you're still interested, you have until Nov. 3 to see for yourself.

The real question is: what color will it turn your poop? Hopefully you won't expel a toiletbowl full of glitter and disappointment.

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