McDonald's Executive Chef Shows How To Whip Up A Big Mac At Home (VIDEO)

WATCH: McDonald's Executive Chef Shows How To Whip Up A Big Mac At Home

McDonald's Canada continues its warm-fuzzy PR campaign, trying to convince us that their food is "just like something you would make at home."

First, Tribal DDB Canada gave us an insider's look at their food-styling process. Not convinced that McDonald's is being totally transparent with you? They give it another try with this video of Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut casually preparing a homemade Big Mac (Dan is the chef who famously said he didn't "see anything on the menu that's unhealthy"). Spoiler alert: the "secret" Special Sauce is totally not a secret!

We give Chef Coudreaut credit for ensuring that we never have to give in to a Big Mac craving at an actual McDonald's ever again, but we're not sure that was this PR initiative's intention. He reminded us that the Big Mac's ingredients are available on the internet, so we took a look to see if the ingredients they use at McDonald's are really that similar to what we'd use at home.

Firstly, this is how McDonald's describes their burger on their website: "100% pure USDA inspected beef; no fillers, no extenders." Well, okay. We're glad this burger is 100% what it's supposed to be, but we're not sure that's a wildly impressive claim. This is like bragging that your french fries are made of potatoes. Also, of course this beef is USDA inspected... because it has to be, in order to sell it. One thing is for sure, this guy is definitely the real mastermind behind those paper-thin burgers -- does anyone make burgers that measly at home?

Another area of home-cooking vs. in-restaurant preparation comparison: both the McDonald's bun and the Big Mac sauce contain high fructose corn syrup, an ingredient you'd be able to avoid, if you desired to, when making a Big Mac yourself. Not to mention the propylene glycol alginate listed in the sauce -- maybe that's the secret ingredient?

Have a question you've always wanted to ask McDonald's? Their YouTube channel seems to be soliciting questions for new videos -- we can't wait to see what you come up with next.

[via Reddit]

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